What I did before Starting my Business

Do you ever feel like maybe there was a higher purpose for all the pain you went through and maybe you had to endure it so you could do what you were meant to do?

Not all storms come to destroy you but come to clear what is no longer needed for you. 

(I had 2 other jobs before this in high school.)

I started with a Health Food Store as a cashier, but very quickly, within 1 month became the grocery manager. This was awesome (at first). I learned A LOT, I was pretty much thrown in and had to figure it out. I figured it out and started hiring my team. I loved each and every person that I worked with! The downside was after a few short months of working as a manager I started to develop anxiety. Mind you I never in my life experienced this ever in my life. The DM who hired me and promoted me lived at the store I worked at. Even though the department and the store were doing well I was constantly being yelled at or I was in constant fear of doing something wrong, in a job I knew very little about. 


The DM eventually made my Assistant Store Director which I took on for very little pay... there was no negotiating. I ran the store and was 2nd to the store manager. Mind you there were at least 4 other people BELOW me making much more than me. I did the payroll, so it was pretty infuriating to see that. 

Still being constantly thrown into the DM office which was extremely uncomfortable and unprofessional, I worked hard and did my job well. But... I was actively looking for a new job. The store manager caught wind of me looking for a job and told one of my friends that worked there that, “she’ll only be a manager her whole life, why is she bothering to look for a job. This is as good as it gets for her. She’s a lifer.”  I was fuming. What I have yet to mention is I practically cried every day going to work, during, or in my car home. I DID THIS TO MYSELF DO NOT FEEL BAD FOR ME. I had the ability to leave anytime I wanted. During this time I had Health Coaching in my hand, I could’ve started but I didn’t. I choose to stay "comfortable".

Around my 2nd year with the company I had a 2 job offers one for a new company and one was a promotion within the company I was working for. I could be running my own health food store under this chain I was with or I could take another job as a Regional Manager for a beverage company.

I will spare you the messy details because it was messy but I choose the new job! (FREEDOM) I become the Midwest Regional Manager for a beverage company based out of NY.   

This job was all new! And it seemed perfect to me. This job required me to visit stores daily via car, to make sales, take cases to stores, demo the product, and to add new accounts. Within the first month, I was able to get it into the largest Health Food Store chain in the nation for the Midwest which got me a bonus... something I was very unfamiliar with being at my previous job. 

This job started out great but the more stores I got into the more work is required of me, which they originally promised I’d have help. I was driving all through Illinois 1x per week, I live 5 hours away from the state line... and on some weeks I was traveling all through Ohio as well. As you can imagine I barely was home and was physically and mentally exhausted. 

When I first started, my contract stated Michigan and 1x per month Ohio. I was not doing that and my contact never changed. This was about 6 months in and I was tired. Also driving in winter storms weekly can really shape your reality on how willing you are to risk your life. Imagine 15 to 17 hour days that started at 4am and ended at 9pm. I was tired but, I was still holding out hope that they were going to give me some help. 

Around the 8/9 month of working for them, I started to notice "floaties" in the beverages... it was MOLD. Spoke to my boss about it and he said just to toss the one I saw mold in. Yet these bottles were growing mold way before their expiration date. I was still delivering boxes and adding new accounts. I was told to change dates on some of the bottles because they were expiring soon. My other team members from other regions were saying they were having to do the same and were also conflicted with this is MOLD! My moral code was screaming at me... I couldn’t willingly give customers moldy beverages, I didn’t want someone to get sick or worse. I did not have a backup plan. All I knew was I needed to step away from a company that didn’t have the respect to actually care what it’s customers were drinking. I quit and gave my 2 weeks but then was told to simply leave. 

Now what? All I knew was that I needed to start coaching and helping people with their skin. So instagram became my plat form and I was pretty much giving my services away but I just wanted to start and so I did. It was harder than I am explaining but I think you are all tired of reading this by now I'll write more on how I started my business in another blog post. 

Long story... If you couldn’t catch it reading my story, there was something out there making it very hard for me to stay with these 2 companies... I was constantly being pushed into uncomfortable situations that tested me into making the right or wrong decision. Which all lead me to work for myself and helping to heal others. 


“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different?”

― C.S. Lewis