Osea Skincare


I know most of you have probably seen my posts on how I struggled with acne, but for the ones who have not. I started this journey with veganism because of my skin. I had horrible acne and if you'd like to see pictures, I have some on my instagram account @haley_ferretti where I show you before and after pictures of my skin. Since changing my diet to vegan, I have also changed the type of products I put onto my skin. Your skin is your largest organ... I give my skin the best oils, creams, and cleaners I can find. One being Osea which is all vegan skincare line. :) These products are created with the finest plant-based organic ingredients they can find because they know that real ingredients matter when you are eating food and when you are taking care of your skin!

One of the products they have that I have fallen in love with is their Essential Corrective Complex. My skin has always loved oils and this one in particular has been a game changer. The moment I roll on this oil my skin instantly feels so soft and rehydrated. If I do have a blemish or pimple putting this on a night seems to dramatically help to clear it by the next day. Which is pretty unheard of in the natural skincare industry for me at least. I've tried plenty of products that had great ingredients but just did not do what I wanted. Some of the ingredients in this are White Thyme, Tea Tree, Rosemary, and Jojoba all which are incredible for the skin and acne clearing!

Let me know what some of your favorite skincare lines are! I am always looking for great products to try out and to see if they'll help continue to heal my skin :)