Rainbow Juice


W H O  W A N T S  S O M E  J U I C E ?

One of the first appliances I bought when I was starting my health journey was a juicer. I used the Omega Vert Juicer and have been using this specific one for close to 4 years now. Recently juicing has gotten a bad rap because of sugar and what not, but fruit and vegetable juice is not the enemy! The sugar you consume in raw juices is not something to fear, your body knows exactly how to absorb it and how to use the vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition. Juicing is one of the best ways to give your digestive system a break and gentle detox the body.


I've made few easy juices for you to use even if you don't have a juicer. If you have a blender and a nut milk bag you will be able to make these beautiful juices as well!


P U R P L E  J U I C E


-1/2 of a head of purple cabbage -1 green apple -1 lemon peeled -2 cups of thawed frozen blueberries


P I N K  J U I C E


-1 whole medium to large size beet -2 lemons peeled -2 green apples -1/2 of a peeled cucumber (not pictured)


G R E E N  J U I C E


-2 cups of parsley (not pictured below) -1 whole cucumber -4 leaves of kale -1 green apples -4 stalks of celery (not pictured)


Y E L L O W  J U I C E


-1 whole yellow pepper -4 long slices of pineapple -3 lemons peeled


O R A N G E  J U I C E


-3 oranges -3 carrots -1 lemon peeled


Each one of these should make 12-16oz of juice depending on the size of the fruits and vegetables you use! To make the juice without a juicer place all the fruits and vegetables inside your blender. Blend until it reaches a smoothie like consistency then strain through a nut milk bag. You should be left with some pulp at the end which can be added in to smoothies later for extra fiber or even homemade veggie burgers!


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