Why Do I Take Probiotics?


Hi guys I have a 2 questions for you... How many of you take probiotics or prebiotics? And how many of you have taken a antibiotic during your life time? So I am thinking that a lot of you said you have taken a antibiotic and maybe a few of you take pro or prebioitics. When you take antibiotics they are good in theory, and I agree there are times when you need to kill off a "bad" bacteria and your body may need a bit of help so you take a antibiotic.

But what you may not know is that in the process of killing off the bad it also wipes out the good, leaving you with little to no good gut bacteria which you need for your whole body to function properly. 2 main ways probiotics or good bacteria are needed in the body are it regulates your immune system and helps digestion.

So now that we know that you probably need them or should most likely be taking the after you've gone through a round of antibiotics, but which one is the right one for me or best for my money?


I have tried plenty of probiotics... I used to work in a health food and they were given out a lot by vendors. I would say I have probably tried close to 7 in the last 2-3 years. They all "worked" or did enough for me to take them for the 1 month supply but as soon as I ran out I didn't buy more, I just got another free bottle from another company. I know sometimes it take longer than 30 days to see if something worked but they all had the same results better digestion in the beginning, less bloating in the beginning, stronger longer nails in the beginning, better skin in the beginning... but after the 2nd week it would tapper off. The results didn't continue.

That is until I recently came across SilverFern Pre and Probiotics. I have been taking these for the past month or so and everything is better, DIGESTION, SKIN, BLOAT, NAILS, HAIR, I could go on but the results have continued and I am so happy.

I did a little research on Silverfern Ultimate Probiotics before I started taking the probiotics and it turns out most probiotics on the market don't even make it to your gut?! I mean seriously, how messed up is that, some of the probiotics I know of can cost over $60.00.. what a waste of money! Silverfern though has done studies which have been tested by 3rd parties to see that the good bacteria in their formula actually makes it your gut and actually does what its suppose to!

Do your research before you buy. A lot of products on the market in the natural food industry don't always say truth because its not always regulated. Do your research and trust your "gut" pun intended :)