It's hard to believe that my skin looks this pretty, that I don't feel insecure or embarrassed anymore and that I'm more confident than ever in my life. This healing journey was something I needed a lot, I believed that acne could be cured naturally and without Haley coaching and supporting me I could have NEVER healed my acne. Of course it wasn't easy but all the hard work is so worth it because your skin will be with you your whole life! Thank you Haley for being so supporting in every aspect and understanding me. It took more than I expected to cure my acne but I learned to be patience and love myself the way I am because everyone works different. When I look in the mirror is still shocking how much my skin has changed since last year, never would I have thought my skin could look the way it looks now. I guess the best part of this program weren't the results of my skin but that I had a friend who could understand what I felt, who would listen and do her best to keep me positive.

-Ana Chan

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